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Local Maternity System


There are lots of myths that might make you feel worried about asking for help for your mental health. It’s important to remember that there’s no shame in seeking support, and a perinatal health professional will never judge you, your baby or your circumstances. 

If I talk to services or try to get help my baby will be taken away

The aim of all services is to support families and keep them together

The moment I see my baby I will feel an overwhelming sense of love

It can take time to get to know your baby and start to feel that bond

I need to do everything for my baby

If you have someone who can support you, it’s important to give yourself a break from baby responsibilities and take time to rest

I should be able to manage on my own

Looking after a baby is not always easy; it’s always okay to ask for advice or support

My baby should be able to feed easily

Feeding is new to you and your baby; it can take time to learn this new skill. If you’re struggling, there are services that can support you in your feeding choices

If I struggle with my emotions or mental health, I’m not a good parent

Many parents struggle with how they are feeling or coping - this doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby or that you can’t give them what they need

If my baby cries during a visit from a professional, they will think I can’t look after my baby

Don’t worry, all babies cry and the professionals coming to your home understand this

I have to have a clean and tidy home and my baby has to be too, otherwise I’ll be seen as a bad parent

Professionals understand how hard being a parent is. They’re not there to judge, just to support you in being a parent and give advice on keeping you and your baby safe and well.

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