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Worried about someone

If you’re worried about how a partner, loved one, friend or colleague is doing, it’s great you’re taking the time to check if they might need some support. Recognising how someone is feeling can help them on their way to feeling better.

Here are some things you can look out for:

They’re not sleeping well, or struggling to get out of bed and manage everyday tasks

It’s a tiring time being a new parent, but if you’re worried sleep is becoming an issue, or they might be struggling to get out of bed to start the day, it’s probably time to recommend some help. 

Any behaviour that seems unusual or out of character

If you know them well, you’ll soon notice any behaviour that seems unusual. This could be a change in lifestyle, their physical health or even personality. 

Seeming very emotional or unable to cope 

This could be crying, fretting or behaving anxiously. It’s important to remember that everyone has a bad day, but if you’re concerned this behaviour is becoming more and more regular, it could be a perinatal mental health issue. 

Controlling or angry behaviour, not letting you or anyone else help

If you’re feeling pushed out and unable to help, this could be a sign of a perinatal mental health issue too. 

Worrying and fretting about baby’s welfare

Every parent worries about their child, but if the worrying seems excessive or starts to spiral, we can help. 

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